Monday, October 22, 2012

hello everybody! My how the time does fly! I hope you are all well. When did I last write? I think it was winter and we still had heaps of snow left! Well, I will try to briefly update you on the last 6 months or so... So we skiied until the end of April and then started getting ready for warmer weather! Unlike usual, we did have an actual spring with sunshine and warm days. Then in May, I started a new business! I have teamed up with one of my closest friends from college, Lesley, who is a dietician. Lesley had been involved with a product called Juice Plus+, which is a capsule/chewable blend of 17 different fruits & vegetables. It is not a supplement, rather it is "whole food nutrition". Well, with my background in health & wellness, it instantly made sense to me! I got myself and Amelie on the product, as I wanted to see if it was any good. Frankly, I had my doubts, as I have tried just about everything under the sun with variable results at best. But to my surprise, I notice positive changes within a month and have loved it both for myself and Amelie too. So I decided that the business was a perfect fit for me as I want to share it with everyone I know! Please check out my website for more info: So I have been doing wellness presentations and just talking to people about their health, which I love! What else.... the school year finally finished on June 25th and we were so ready for summer! AMelie had a hard year last year with being picked on a lot and struggling with friendships. She was begging me to be home-schooled! Uhhhh, no way dude. I love you and all, but let's find another solution.......!!! July came along and all 3 of us made our way back to the east coast to visit my family. First we went to a resort in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday. I had arranged for my sister and her family to go as well, and we secretly got adjoining hotel rooms to my mom and stepdad's (they had already planned the visit just for themselves). You can imagine how SHOCKED my mom was when her kids and grandkids showed up at their hotel room door! It was great. So we enjoyed a few days with them at the resort, and then said good bye and headed to my dad's place, also in NC but 2 hrs drive east on Lake Norman. We stayed there for a week and just swam, waterskiied, and hung out in the sun and warmth! Chad then went on to Atlanta for a big Microsoft conference, while Amelie and I went to Florida to spend some more time with my mom. We went to the beach, Sea World, and swam in the pool. All in all we were gone 3 1/2 weeks and came home towards the end of July. Amelie did a couple of summer camps while I focused on some house jobs and just enjoyed the rest of the summer. There was one major dent in our summer; and it happened while we were at a friend's lake house out on the Olympic Peninsula. Our friends Bronwyn & Tom (Bron is our only Aussie friend here!)have a big gathering at their lake house each summer, so we always meet up again with friendly faces we haven't seen in a while. The kids get to run amok in nature and we all enjoy hikes, waterskiing, canoeing/kayaking, and great campfire singalongs in the evenings! It was Saturday evening and 3 of the dads decided to take all the kids out on the boats to a nearby swimming hole across the lake. So they divvied the kids up into 2 boats, about 12 kids in all, and they set off. Amelie is the only child to stay behind, apart from babies and toddlers. Two hours later, it is dark, we're singing around the campfire, and they're still not back. Bronwyn and I looked at eachother and we told someone to text Tom (who was driving one of the boats) and tell them to come back as the kids needed to be in bed already. I also then learn that there is no light on one of the boats. We didn't get a response, but about 1 minute later we could hear the boat motor. It is a very peaceful lake with little boat traffic, so we knew that it was them. I suddenly heard screaming. Of course when you have 12 kids together there is going to be screaming, so no one was really alarmed. But I knew it was the wrong kind of screams. I stood up and yelled at Chad to stop playing guitar. And as the boats got closer, I could suddenly make it out. It was 12 children screaming bloody murder, "CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" over and over. It is completely black outside so we can see nothing, we can only hear the screams and the terror. We have no idea who is hurt (or dead), we only know that it is serious. I will never forget those sounds as long as I live. We quickly understand that no one has died. There has been a boating accident- one of our boats (the one with no light) has been hit head on and literally run over by another boat. Unbelievably, the boat that hit ours left the scene, despite the sounds of screaming children. The boat that was hit was driven by our friend Andrew, one of the dads, and was carrying 5 children. Andrew and one of the children, Bianca, were hit by the boat. Everyone else is unhurt, although tramatized. Andrew is unconscious, and both are bleeding badly. We quickly gather all the children who are not hurt and rush them into the house in an effort to calm them down and comfort them. Amazingly, one of the dads who was out on our boats is a trauma surgeon. I reckon he is the reason Andrew is still alive. IN addition, we also have 2 other doctors and a nurse in our group. This is a blessing, because it took almost 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, as we are out in the middle of national forest. Both Andrew and Bianca are taken to a local hospital, and from there they are quickly air-lifted to SEattle. In short, both have head trauma. Bianca also has a fractured skull, a broken nose, broken collar bone, and broken ribs. Miraculously, both of their MRI's come up clear with no severe brain injuries. From there, it is just a road to recovery. Bianca was able to start school and has completely healed. We saw Andrew just a few weeks ago, and while he still has problems with his memory and vision, he is fully functioning and has started back at work. We are all just SOOO relieved that they have both survived and are doing well, and that it was not a massacre out there that night. We are very fortunate indeed. There, I did not mean to tell the long version of that story, but it had a big impact on us so I guess it just came out. Ok, so that happened in the middle of August, and we are almost to the end of our summer holidays. We did a bit more hiking, swimming in the lake, and working out in the yard until the school year started up. Amelie is in 3rd grade this year. After much deliberation and a bad year last year, we decided to investigate our schooling options, and found a small Montessori school nearby. We took a tour and did a parent education night; and Chad and I both loved it. After Amelie did a "trial day" at the school, she loved it too, so we decided to switch schools. She started last week. We are so happy with the change- it is a wonderful community and the children learn in such a loving, nurturing, and wholistic environment. Amelie is also playing soccer, doing girl scouts, and playing piano. Chad recently had a gig in Miami! Actually he had organized a conference there and decided that he should be the headlining act for the happy hour event they were having! It went well, even if only about 1/2 of the audience was listening. Standard stuff! Meanwhile, I have been singing with the Acoustix for almost a year and have had one gig. I am quickly growing frustrated, as no one seems to be bothered with drumming something up. It is hard when you run your own "democratic" singing group- it's fun socially but challenging when making decisions and doling out responsibilities. Guess I need to start looking around for some gig opps! What else... oh yeah, now that it's autumn and the holiday season is closing in, the stores start selling pumpkin flavored everything. Pumpkin scones, pumpkin chai latte, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin/chocolate chip bread, pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin museli bars, pumpkin cereal, no shit, all this stuff is for real! There's probably 100 other items I have forgotten. Complete overkill. I also recently took AMelie and went with my friend and her daughter to the Family Farm Tour in the nearby Skagit Valley. All the farms open their doors to the public. It was super fun- we visited an alpaca farm, an apple farm, a dairy farm, and an oyster farm, to name a few. Then we stayed overnight at their cabin in Mt Baker. I have mentioned Mt Baker in a previous post, it is an awesome place! A real old school NOrth American mountain town. I love it there. This week my sister Whitney is visiting from Portland, Maine. We are super excited! We are also painting our living/dining rooms, hallway, and master bedroom this week. Well, the PAINTERS are painting it! I am still trying to finish this stupid desk and chair I bought at a garage sale for Amelie's bedroom. I bought it a few months after we moved here, just to give you an idea of what a giant headache it's caused me! I now know that refinishing furniture is NOT my thing... what a royal pain in the ass... We have already bought our ski passes for the upcoming season- we are excited for winter holidays and snow! HOpefully I will get a post out again before Christmas. Until then, my love and hugs to everyone!!! xxoo Please send word what's up with you!

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